Sunday, March 30, 2008

Issues etc....Cancelled

So like most confessional bloggers, I emailed, phoned, emailed and phoned again KFUO. Several Board members were able to respond with quick and courteous emails, others not so quick. In particular Mr. D. Strand, the person who has controlling authority in the matter sent out a email basically saying "sorry your disappointed, hope you like the programming we have planned"........ Again, everyone who emailed him got the same form letter. Here is a copy of my follow up.

Your reply to my initial question is as similarly disappointing to your decision to cancel Issues etc.. I have requested details regarding the decision to cancel. The statements posted on KFUO's website stated that it was a programmatic and business decision. To avoid further miscommunication I will be more specific in my request.1) Please outline the business decision that arrived at the cancellation conclusion. This should be rather simple to provide, and would need no farther detail than spreadsheet conclusions, ie cost vs income statistics or scheduling conflicts. All companies typically have this in a formalized document for change management of business decisions.2) Please describe the delta (difference) between programmatic issues that contributed to cancellation of Issues etc. Did this change in programming come from a change in the program or at a higher organizational level at KFUO. Again this data should be readily at hand also since it is a stated reason for cancellation.
This was sent 9 days ago with no answer.
So, the Executive Director for the Board of Communications for the LCMS, cancels a very popular show on the synods radio station, providing no explanation, no forewarning, no plan for replacement programming, then provides a cryptic " canceled for business and programmatic reasons" excuse, then sends out a changed statement that now says "stewardship requires it" since it was a money looser for them.
So lets summarize the Director's performance in this matter. He is responsible for a significant decision in programing for the synods primary electronic medium. He implements a major change that shows, no primary planning, let alone parallel path planning for possible complications. His public communications in the matter is non-exist ant at first, then poor, then inconsistent.
Folks, there's a reason why this guy is doing charity work.(I know, I know, its a paid position, it just looks like he's doing it for free) There is no way this kind of performance would be tolerated at my place of employment. The only way this would be accepted by senior management is if the guy is used as a hatchet man for a poorly performing department that needed a lot of dead wood cut out. Even then the soulless, bottom line company that I work for would not have treated poorly performing workers this way, let alone withhold severance pay until they sign a non-disclosure statement, knowing that Jeff Schwartz's wife is undergoing medical treatment. That level of manipulation is evil. I've known any number of non-believing secularists that would never have considered anything so personally destructive.
I'm currently at a cross-roads. I've found a church with a pastor and congregation that is fed up with Missouri and seriously considering leaving, the paperwork is already drawn up. This church, though small, (about 300) is a wonder of full bore Lutheran confessionalism. The desire of the pastor and elders to cultivate it into a truly orthodox Lutheran church is a wonderful thing to see. I had been arguing contrary to the need to leave the LCMS, I don't think I will do it anymore. If this congregation, absent discussion from me votes to leave, I'm good with that. Part of me wants to stay and become the festering, confessional thorn in the flesh that Missouri deserves though. I want to become active in synodical politics, get sent to conventions and boards, make people uncomfortable with pointed question like "how is this decision
supported in scripture?", severely reduce synodical hierarchy, and loudly vote no.

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