Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Summer

Thought I should see if I still know how to type, so far so good.
Since I last checked in I have change jobs, Monday I start working 2 hours south of where I live. We hope to move inot the area, but with school starting soon, we don't plan on pulling the kids out mid year, so I may be driving for a while.
The pastor of our church made his move earlier this year, having recieved a call from a larger congregation closer to the city. I figured he was going because his sermons just prior to his departure were very Lutheran, in regards to Law and Gospel, staying Christ centered and not having some goofy hook in it. This made it pretty clear to me who in the congregation is most responsible for proper teaching, the elders. As soon as the old Pastor had expectations put on him, in the form of what he expected his new congregation had on preaching the Gospel, he preached as a Lutheran pastor would be expected. Our elders never put that expectation out there.
Our interim pastor seems to be a very good pastor. He's a local who just returned from 2 years of missionary work in Isreal. His sermons are studied, meaning he seems to reference the different interpretations of scripture, and each has had Law and Gospel presented well. He also uses the Liturgy pretty extensively, more so than the congregation was use to. On his first Sunday he kinda ad libed a "peace be with you" at the beginning and the congregation, not being use to this corporate style of greeting barely mumbled a "and also with you" I was so glad to see the new pastor smile and say, "lets try that again, peace be with you" to which even the dullest group could pick up on. He was also involved in the Vacation Bible Study, something we were not accustomed to. I hope he's able to stick around. The call process was described to the congregation and I still am not completely sure of who can and can's be called.
Thats all for now, got to get ready for work.


Blogger VirginiaLutherans said...

Sorry you had to change jobs. I recently did that myself, so I can sympathize. It sounds like your church might be getting a bit of good Doctrine, which is a great thing. Hang in there and God's Blessings.

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