Thursday, May 18, 2006

Busy Again

I know, everybody's busy. But really I am. Baseball season has started and we now have four of our six children in 3 different leagues. I'm not complaining, this is the best part of life, watching your kids do something they like, that you can be a part of. It just takes time. My online time has been spent reading all the good Lutheran blogs, and starting a second one of my own for mini-bikes and such, called Minibike Mullahs.
Father Hollywood has a good post about him and his wife's discussions regarding traditional service or its lack there of in the LCMS.
St. James the Hoosier has had several posts of note. One regarding the Blessed Virgin which reminded me so much of a great sermon given by our old vicar "John" about the same subject, covered much the same way. James's most recent post is a humorous memo from the Almighty to Pat Robertson. I'm really embarressed at how much credibility I gave Pat 20 years ago. Was he this wacky back then or was I just not paying attention.