Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday, 2007

Yesterday on Maundy Thursday I was able to get away from work early and join my family at church for evening service. Easily one of the better services. Tonight I wasn't able to get out of work in time, partly because one of the other guys in my area wanted off early to go to Good Friday service. That's what Christians do I hope, help carry one another's burdens at work. This year I'll be able to get to 5am service for Easter, with the rest of the family going at 9am. My job has intensive maintenance schedules every spring, so most of my Easters are messed up with 7 day 13 hour schedules for a month or so. Enough whining, with a little luck something else will come along.
On a different note our current pastor is taking a call to a larger more affluent suburban congregation. One of the things we've noticed is the quality of the service since he decided to go. The sermons stay very classically Lutheran. Law, Gospel, Christ crucified for us, just amazing. More traditional service are also offered with the whole service conducted, not cutting out 30% or more like he use to do. I know why the change, he knows he's going to another congregation that has certain expectations of him. That's when it hit me, our elders where not putting the expectations as to conduct of church services on him, meaning that even though it is some of his doing, the elders must bear the brunt of the past conduct.
Some elders have already stated that the next pastor shouldn't be too young or too old, rather someone around 45, since he would be able to connect with everyone, not just the youth or the elderly. What!! Personally I would like to see us take on a younger guy just out of Sem, preferably even with a young family, but I will be glad for any pastor God should choose to send us. I really feel the Elder that made the statement was simply expressing his desire to have a boomer like himself for a pastor, knowing that he would himself have more in common with him. I mainly would like to see a pastor who is true to the message and rigorous in his application of teaching and doctrine. He doesn't have to be someone that I can personally relate to at my age (also 40ish). Enough for now.